WiFi Call Buttons

We call them Dingglies : )

Dinggly have an unrivalled range of quality wireless call buttons, from the functional to truly luxurious. It’s one of the primary reason customers choose our paging systems. Each Dinggly is rechargeable and has a confirmatory LED indicating firstly the call is successful and secondly somebody is in attendance.

Some of our Dingglies have non-WiFi options, appropriate where Wifi coverage is an issue.

Custom printing is very popular on customer-facing systems, such as guest service call buttons (see Customisation)


Single call | Water resistant | Mounting plate | 52mm diameter


Single call | Waterproof | Mounting plate | 52mm diameter


Up to 4 calls | Waterproof | Mounting plate | 60mm diameter

Elite Range

OneTouch Halo

CNC engineered outer rings | Single call | Waterproof | Mounting Plate | 58mm diameter

MultiTouch Halo

CNC engineered outer rings | Up to 4 calls | Waterproof | Mounting Plate | 66mm diameter


Hardwood enclosures | Single call | Waterproof | Mounting Plate | 65mm diameter


With or without ring | Send voice messages | Mounting Plate | 60/66mm diameter


Combine a call button for simplicity and QR for multiple extra features


Need something completely individual? Get in touch

Dinggly wireless service call buttons are easily renamed online though a portal. This makes your call button system highly flexible as usually a button is named after its location, for example “Board Room”. If the button is needed in another room it can be renamed in seconds. Staff then do not need to remember the change or be separately informed. Some customers have an entirely flexible pool of call buttons. Other features include allowing an individual to confirm their arrival at the button via a fob; and locking plates, which hold call buttons in place and prevent casual theft.