If you have waiting customers, there’s no better way to serve them efficiently and safely than with a Ding4Me queue system. It improves your customer experience and is a great social distancing tool.

Why choose Ding4Me?

  • it’s a solution for everybody – those comfortable with technology and those less so
  • it allows customers to disperse away from a queue or collection point
  • it has no range issues. If a customer has a phone signal they’ll get the alert, wherever they are.
  • it means no hardware to purchase, clean, charge or get misplaced.

Ding4Me allows customers to disperse away from a queue.  When you are ready for them they are notified via their phone or,  for those less inclined to use technology, you can still call out their number the traditional way. As such, we believe it’s the only INCLUSIVE queuing and collection system, accessible to everybody. Please watch our video to see just how straightforward Ding4Me is.

You can configure the notifications sent to customers in seconds. For example you might be a barbers, where customers have moved away to other shops. You could change the message to “We’ll be ready in 5 minutes”. Or you might want to direct somebody to a different location, so might add “Ready – please go to garden collection point”

Ding4Me has applications wherever customers are left waiting. As such it’s a queue management system for hospitality, retail, entertainment, public services and leisure.

How much does it cost?

Ding4Me is there whenever you need it via our monthly subscription model. You pay a small monthly subscription fee per site with no minimum period. Print your own tickets for 1 penny per ticket. Enterprise packages are also available. giving multi-site metrics on customer numbers and serving times.

To request a FREE Ding4Me starter pack, email us at contact@dinggly.com quoting D4MSP

Clubs and Casinos

Office & Meeting Facilities