Dinggly hotel paging systems are put to a multitude of uses – hotels are where we started out. Here is a selection of the most common applications.
Simple Call for Service points

Hotel paging systems consisting of call for service points (wireless call buttons) in places guests may not expect it: lobbies, terraces, beaches, pools and spas. Efficiently increase sales in revenue-generating areas and delight customers with Dinggly’s hotel paging systems & call for service buttons.

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In-Room Dining collection buttons

Allow guests to easily signal that their room service trolley / tray is ready for collection. Enhances customer service, reduces dirty plates in rooms & corridors, and returns trolleys more quickly.

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Conferences & Banqueting Messaging

Elegant WiFi call buttons allow guests to request attention from anywhere, at any time. Calling Station tablets give guests the ability to specify their requirements and track response, while Dinggly Voice buttons alert staff when a guest would like a call back – this can be done directly between the Dinggly mobile app and the call button.

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Order Ready Messaging at kitchen & drinks passes

Signal to waiting staff when orders are ready for collection. Stop staff congregating by the pass, often out of customers’ sight. Our restaurant waiter paging systems ensure food is taken promptly, maximising efficiency.

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Low-staffed facilities

Allow staff to move away from their posts and perform other duties with our hotel staff paging systems. Common uses are off-peak reception desks and unstaffed bars.

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How are calls received?

To your phone (Android or iOS) via the Dinggly app.

To a fixed tablet or monitor showing all calls.