Dinggly restaurant paging systems & service buttons can be used in a multitude of ways to enhance customer service and drive efficiency. Here are some of the most common applications for call buttons & pager systems in restaurants.

Order ready messaging at kitchen and drinks passes

Signal to staff when orders are ready for collection with our wireless waiter call system. Maximise efficiency by ensuring food is taken promptly, without staff congregating at busy drinks and food passes.

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Call for service points

Wireless table call systems for restaurants make ordering easy and convenient for guests, particularly in areas less visible to serve, such as terraces, gardens, and VIP booths. Dinggly call buttons are available from stock with “Service” and “Bill” legends printed or can be custom printed with your own functions and branding.

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Queue management system

If you have waiting customers in queues or at food collection points, there’s no better way to serve them efficiently and safely than with a Ding4MeTM restaurant queue management system. No hardware to purchase, keep clean or charged. It improves your customer experience and is a great social distancing tool. No app is necessary and it even works for people who’d rather not get involved with technology.

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Track opinions with customer feedback buttons

Dinggly Bill&RateTM buttons allow guests to request service whenever they choose – and also rate their experience when they come to request their bill. It’s a fabulous way to get representative opinion data, shared just with you. It’s also an opportunity to address any issues directly with the customer whilst they are still with you – poor rating alerts are flagged to managers’ pagers.

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How are calls received?

To your phone (Android or iOS) via the Dinggly app.

To a fixed tablet or monitor showing all calls.