We’ve all got used to QR codes lately. Here’s a delightfully light-touch way to provide attentive, efficient service and charm your guests. Our Calling Discs allow service to be summoned with a phone camera. No buttons to buy, apps to install or online menus to browse.

Watch the explainer video…

  • Great value, easy maintenance and totally user friendly
  • Easy-clean and sanitise. A great COVID aware solution
  • Customer scans the disc, touches the virtual bell and the call is made. No downloading of an app is necessary
  • Service, Bill & Service and fully customisable bell options (max. 4 calling options)
  • Extra features: Chat, image upload and send text – all through the simple web interface
  • Confirmatory screen tells the user the call has been made
  • Calls can be received on phones, tablets or Dinggly wrist pagers. Or integrated with existing systems via an API
  • Standard graphics in white or black background and fully customisable discs available
  • Allows upload of venue / business logo
  • Simple online set-up via your own secure portal
  • Discs can be grouped into zones, so not all staff need be alerted to every call
  • Compatible with CallGrab. When a call is accepted by a recipient, everybody else is notified so there’s no duplicated effort
  • Measures 50mm diameter

How are calls received?

To your phone or tablet, as an action list via the Dinggly App.

To a Dinggly Wrist Pager, as an action list. Does not support voice calls.

As an interactive call status display, with pop-up notifications, on any browser running Google Chrome browser.

Any combination of receiving devices can used within any Dinggly system

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