A flexible calling method with lots of added features, including text messaging. Make it your own with bespoke colours, logos and even staff photos. They work over your existing WiFi network and can be used alongside all other Dinggly paging system products. Get in touch today.
  • WiFi Calling Stations can be particularly useful where significant distances are involved and you can understand the nature of the query and resolve it remotely or with one visit.
  • Each Calling Station has an unlimited number of call types (whilst call buttons offer 1-4 call types).
  • Call types can be changed as needs change.
  • Each message can be supplemented with a text message if required.
  • If so, pre-determined text messages can be added for convenience (in addition to free text).
  • When a call is accepted it is acknowledged on the tablet, either “We’re on our way” or with specific staff names. With optional Dinggalytics you can display a staff photo.
  • Send text messages to staff individually or as whole teams.
  • Calling stations can also double as a Pager, receiving and able to accept calls.
  • Fully customisable backgrounds, colours and logos to maximise your branding potential.
  • Battery life = 9+ hours or can be permanently charged.
  • Can be renamed (and therefore relocated) in seconds.

Popular applications:

  • Meeting room messaging, especially where either large distances or lots of different departments are involved.
  • Order Ready Messaging. On the kitchen or drinks pass, able to flag which section or table’s order is ready for collection.
  • Supervisor. Providing a WiFi Calling Station to a reception or supervisor’s office will allow them to send messages directly to staff pagers. By having the tablet in Pager mode they’ll also be able to respond to/monitor activity from all calling points (Calling Stations and Calling Buttons) .

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Calling Tablets can easily be enhanced to feature Dinggly Voice. Here’s a brief explainer telling you how it helps delegates and staff communicate more easily from meeting rooms.

How are calls received?

To your phone (Android or iOS) via the Dinggly app.

To a fixed tablet or monitor showing all calls.

Clubs and Casinos

Office & Meeting Facilities