Laki Kane Rum Bar Case Study

It's an exceptionally simple system and which certainly adds to the comfort and ease of service for our customers. Dinggly buttons are also the only products I have seen which offer on-brand designs and are of the highest quality for our Tropical Escape. Our staff love the ease of use of the system and our customers love the additional smoothness of service that Dinggly offers.

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Jumeirah Carlton Tower Case Study

Jumeirah’s strive to improve every aspect of the customer experience led us to looking at room service trolley removal. We’d considered other solutions but they needed manual intervention and management oversight to work properly. Dinggly provides us with the simplest of solutions to delight our customers and improve our return of room trolley assets

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London Reign, Piccadilly, Case Study

Venue Type: Exclusive Show Club in the heart of the London’s West End The need: London Reign mixes the tradition club format with various shows by performance artists. The venue is underground, extremely busy and, of course, full of music and noise! Coordinating the performers to start their acts on time, without resorting to [...]

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Birmingham Library & REP Theatre Case Study

The smart technology has enabled faster communication and quicker response times for our teams. It’s allowed them to be even more mobile across the buildings and improved team delivery. Clients are impressed with this easy to use technology too. So while we’re very much a people led business, technology has helped us remain on top of customer service.

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