Dinggly’s kitchen call system has interactive pagers, telling all staff when somebody is attending a call, eliminating duplicated effort.

One of the most common applications for kitchen call systems is calling waiting staff to collect drinks and food orders. As well as ensuring all food goes out warm, it allows staff to maximise their front of house time and not congregate at the pass.

Dinggly offer a quick-fire 4-touch call button which allows you to send up to 4 calls to staff (or 1 call to 4 different staff). As well as simplicity there’s no need to permanently power, it’s easy to position and robust. An online portal lets you change the call types from your button, so staff don’t need to remember. For example, A=Terrace order ready.

Calls can be received on Dinggly Wrist Pagers or your own mobile devices, including iOS or Android phones and tablets.

To find out more about how our commercial kitchen pager systems & call buttons could help your business, or for a quote, please get in touch.

How are calls received?

To your phone or tablet, as an action list via the Dinggly App.

To a Dinggly Wrist Pager, as an action list.

As an interactive call status display, with pop-up notifications, on any device running Google Chrome browser.

To a Dinggly-supported smartplug, allowing buttons to command devices including lights and sirens.

Any combination of receiving devices can used within any Dinggly system

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