Helping social distancing

Dinggly makes it easier and more efficient to provide at-table service whilst minimising customer contact.

Dinggly call for service buttons can help you in a number of ways:

  • In restaurants, bars and cafes, providing customers with an at-table button means:
    • they can relax knowing they’ve got your attention
    • they’ll be served fairly and in-order
    • social distancing is maximised as you only need to attend a table when called.
  • In restaurants, bars and cafes, providing your kitchen with a button to alert staff when an order is ready for collection allows teams to more effectively multi-task and not congregate at the pass.
  • In retail, adding buttons at help points, for example on unstaffed counters or within changing rooms, again allows teams to become more fluid and deal with more duties.

Our customers may invest in Dinggly out of need, but we think they’ll appreciate the softer benefits long after lock-down has ended.

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