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As suppliers of call-for-service buttons to many of the world’s most coveted brands, we believe form and function are equally paramount. Whether aboard super yachts or within hotels or private residences, we create call-for-service buttons that blend into their environment. From the use of luxury materials to discrete branding, our buttons are a reflection of our clients, never an afterthought.

Now we are taking this to the next level, offering you the opportunity to collaborate with leading artists and illustrators to create a button collection exclusive to you.

Dinggly Signature button against skyline

In collaboration with Debut Art, Dinggly Signature is an opportunity for you to commission some of the world’s most exciting artists and illustrators to create your buttons. Whether you start with a specific theme or idea or a totally blank canvas, your button collection will be a true one-off original artwork that also serves as a fully functioning call-for-service button.

Prices start at $45,000 for a one-of-a-kind 10 button collection.

To start your commission, simply complete the form below.

Featured Artists

Andy Bourne button

Andy Bourne is a freelance illustrator, designer and animator based in the vibrant city of Bristol, UK.

Originally from the Midlands, he has spent the best part of a decade as an in-house illustrator in the graphic design industry and has worked for an impressive portfolio of clients across an array of briefs and in a multitude of styles.

Having worked at prestigious studios that include the multi-award winning ILOVEDUST and Sunhouse, Andy is no stranger to…

Berlin based Art Director and Designer working within branding, illustration, editorial deisgn, packaging design and contemporary art. Dividing his time between personal projects and working with a variety of international clients like Sony Music, Penguin Classics, Swatch, The Guardian, Brew Dog, Jura Whisky, The Economist, Columbia Records, JP Morgan & Chase, Skoda, J├Ągermeister and many more.

Florian performs his own recognisable style, while also being able to adapt to his…

Jordi Ros is an illustrator, designer and academic currently based in barcelona, in the northeastern area of Spain. He has a BA in Product and Graphic Design and a MA in Illustration from ELISAVA, Barcelona’s most presitgious and largest Design University.

In his practice Jordi works across the digital and analogue specturm to generate strond and bold narrative imagery, through his understanding of colour, abstraction and dynamic compositions. His process usually starts with a basic sketch of and idea and see…

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