The next level of call service excellence, from Dinggly

Dinggly’s Messenger call buttons allow users to record and send voice messages at the tap of a button. The messages are relayed as text transcripts to Dinggly wrist pagers and as text transcripts plus audio files to mobile devices. When a call is accepted a notification is sent back to the button.

It hits the sweet-spot of providing users with a flexible messaging and ordering platform, delivered through a simple, organised paging system.

How Dinggly Messenger Buttons Work

How Dinggly Messenger Buttons Work

Voice message is recorded into button.

Voice to text conversion (original message preserved).

Optional supervisor capture and onward relaying of calls.

Text transmitted to Phones, Tablets and Dinggly Watches.

Acceptance confirmation of the call is transmitted back to the call button. Long Wait alert escalation to Supervisor for unanswered calls.

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