Keep track of your organisations’ scheduled tasks with Dinggly.

If you’ve a business with operatives working remotely and to a fixed schedule, Dinggly can confirm that tasks have been completed on-time, and by who.

A simple touch to a Dinggly call button at the location will allow your staff to register that they are in position and when. It’s a great solution for janitorial services and security, replacing unreliable hand-completed schedules and making Supervisor roles far more effective.

Each button is named after it’s location. Dinggly’s Dinggalytics™ portal allows you to set the schedules for when you’d expect the buttons to be pressed. A live dashboard allows you to track button actuations and, perhaps more importantly, sends you an email alert when a button is not pressed within the expected time window.

Dinggly works over your existing wifi network so does not suffer from range issues like traditional pagers, radios or buttons. It’s also modular so you can start small and evolve it as your business changes.

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How are calls received?

To your existing Android or iOS devices via the Dinggly app and license

To Dinggly wrist pagers (also available with velcro belt loop)

To a fixed tablet or monitor showing all calls.

Integrated into your existing management system (subject to compatibility).