Venue type:
Fast-expanding casual dining chain offering a range of American foods and beverages

The need:
To differentiate itself in a crowded sector, Hancocks have invested heavily in new technologies to enhance their guest experience. Part of this was a desire to allow diners to request service without needing to flag-down staff, but standard call buttons were cheap, tacky and not worthy of the venues.

Furthermore Hancocks rapid expansion meant it was essential to monitor customer feedback for newly opened sites, ideally in a manner where they could act swiftly in the event of any disappointed customers.

The solution:
Every table carries a four-touch call button. Diners touch the Service bell icon whenever they want service; calls are then attended and cancelled by staff with a fob. This means it is possible to identify how long calls take to be answered and by whom.

When customers are ready for their bill they press a Bill&Rate button (Happy, OK, and Sad). A sad face sends an alert to the manager who has the opportunity to redress any issues with the customer before they receive their bill and leave the premises.

The Dinggalytics portal allows Hancocks to see opinion by site, shift and even individual. Its particularly valuable at tracking opinion as the vast majority of customers requesting their bill use the rating system. This is very different to the information provided by many on-line review sites, where it is only the most vocal / opinionated who give feedback.

“Customers love that with the touch of a button they’ll be served fairly in order. It takes an extra potential layer of stress away from dining out – and its fun and unique” David Chick, Founder and Director