Always At Your Service

Dinggly’s smart call for service systems allow you to provide always-present levels of service to your customers in a discrete, efficient manner.

Dinggly allows service to be called from wherever is necessary and reach staff whilst they are on the go. It also allows service teams to contact each other directly, improving communication and the coordination of duties.

Dinggly also provide a fully-comprehensive room service ordering system, using tablets. Setting it apart is a fully translated menu ordering experience, meaning accurate, human-generated text is provided in multiple languages. It brings a new level of usability to room service ordering.

Whether you want to delight customers by offering service where they’d least expect it, grow revenue by enlarging revenue generating areas or maximise efficiency by optimising head-count, Dinggly can help.

Order Ready Messaging

Call for Service Buttons ( One Touch )

Call for Service Buttons ( MultiTouch )

Meeting Room Messaging

Collect Me Buttons