Dinggly and Covid-19. Special Terms.

We are being inundated with enquiries for Dinggly call buttons and pagers to assist hospitality customers operating on hugely reduced staff levels. Examples of how we can help are listed below.

Given these unprecedented times we are reducing our rental terms from 12 to just 3 months. This offer is open to hotels, restaurants, bars, retail and leisure facilities across Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.

Dinggly is simple. It works over your WiFi. Dinggly call buttons will send the calls to your existing mobile phones or, if you prefer, Dinggly wrist pagers

  • Low staffed areas – allow guests to call for attention at unstaffed receptions, bars, and facilities.
  • Order ready messaging – message staff when orders are ready for collection, allowing them to effectively multi-task when occupancy is low
  • Hygiene monitoring – use buttons to report back that facilities have been cleaned and paper and sanitiser supplies are available (and receive alerts back if facilities go unchecked or are unstocked)

Any questions, please Contact Us. We wish everybody a speedy and positive conclusion to this event.

What is it?

A multi-touch button which allows up to 4 different messages to be sent. One common format, Bill&Rate, is for customers to request service and rate their experience (privately, just with you) as they request their bill.

Dinggly’s four-touch buttons can also be personalised with different functions and graphics. Comes with a lockingplate to discourage theft and can be placed inside or outside. Messages are sent over WiFi or a low-cost Dinggly digital network (Ddn).

Please get in touch.

Where is it useful?

  • Wherever more than one messaging option is desirable
  • Restaurants and other venues where its particularly important to get full customer feedback (Bill&Rate)
  • Areas not economic to permanently service: lobbies, terraces, sun loungers, gardens

What are the benefits?

  • Enhance the customer experience by offering service where they might not expect it
  • Efficiently increase revenue by extending serviced areas and encouraging spontaneity
  • Know if customers are unhappy before they leave your premises (Bill&Rate)
  • Buttons can be easily renamed and moved location, providing flexibility and cost saving
  • Receive long-wait alerts when calls go unanswered
  • An online dashboard is available to monitor call volumes, attendance and opinion


A 4-touch call button

  • Up to 4 call types from one call button with personalised graphics
  • Request Service AND rate your experience as you request your bill (Bill&Rate)
  • Poor ratings trigger manager alerts (Bill&Rate)
  • Rechargeable with emailed low-battery alerts
  • Use inside or outside
  • Anti-theft locking plate
  • Custom graphics and colours available
  • Optional integrated menu holder

A single-touch Service call button

How are calls received?

To your existing Android or iOS devices via the Dinggly app and license

To Dinggly wrist pagers (also available with velcro belt loop)

To a fixed tablet or monitor showing all calls.

Integrated into your existing management system (subject to compatibility).

Order Ready Messaging

Call for Service Buttons ( One Touch )

Call for Service Buttons ( MultiTouch )

Meeting Room Messaging

Collect Me Buttons