What is it?

Either a calling button or calling tablet which alerts staff when orders are ready for collection. Calls and messages are sent over WiFi or a low-cost Dinggly digital network (Ddn)

Where is it useful?

When you have a food or drinks pass not directly adjoining the serving area.

What are the benefits?

  • Improved communication and efficiency, especially when the pass and restaurant / bar are physically separated.
  • Limits front-of-house staff congregating by the pass, out of sight of guests. Teams are more visible and able to be more attentive.
  • Dinggly will be in range wherever you have WiFi or a Ddn.


Option 1

A simple call button working as a silent bell. Multiple calls can be made, each self-cancelling with a time-out or by claiming it on a pager.



Easily positioned

Easily cleaned

Battery powered

Multiple buttons can be used in parallel across passes. For example a Mains and Desserts pass.

You can also have a multi-touch call button, allowing up to 4 different calls to be made. They are supplied blank to be written on / sticker manually

* Permanent mains charging is recommended.

Option 2

A calling tablet which allows the pass to specify table number or sections and add text messages. Multiple calls can be made, each self-cancelling with a time-out or by claiming on a pager.

It’s great because:

Allows you to specify which order is ready.

Text messages can be sent – for example, to say that an order is late

You have the option to message the whole team or specific individuals

How are calls received?

To your existing Android or iOS devices via the Dinggly app and license

To Dinggly wrist pagers (also available with velcro belt loop)

To a fixed tablet or monitor showing all calls.

Integrated into your existing management system (subject to compatibility).

Order Ready Messaging

Call for Service Buttons ( One Touch )

Call for Service Buttons ( MultiTouch )

Meeting Room Messaging

Collect Me Buttons