Venue type:
A luxury 18-storey 5 star hotel in the heart of Knightsbridge

The need:
Jumeirah created challenging new standards for the collection of room service trolleys, aimed at improving the customer experience. Quicker collection means guests can relax sooner as service is complete, used trolleys are left in corridors less and room service assets are returned quicker for re-use.

The solution:
Dinggly Room Service buttons are placed on every trolley before they head to the room. When I guest has finished they simply touch “Collect Me” and know collection is on its way. Messages are received on a single fixed tablet in the Room Service area of the kitchen. Across an 18 storey building this solution would be impossible without Dinggly’s WiFi buttons. They find WiFi and communicate with the central system, regardless of range. Uniquely, each button is reprogrammed with the relevant room number or name in seconds. It also means you only need a button quantity matching the maximum number of trolleys in use at any one time.