Marine & Super Yacht Call Button and Paging Systems

Working over WiFi, with and without internet, Dinggly is the ideal paging solution within complex marine environments. Add to that a fabulous choice of standard and bespoke buttons it’s no wonder its the go-to choice for some of the world’s most prestigious vessels.

Great choice of buttons to suit all styles of interior and exterior. Plastic, brass, hardwood, quartz…

Buttons and pagers connect whenever connected to a WiFi. With no internet connection Dinggly will run off-line via a local host, ensuring full service.

Dinggly pager system device compatibility

Calls can be received on your mobile devices or a Dinggly wrist pager. In offline situations calls still transmit to both if connected to the same WiFi network.

Dinggly’s CallGrab alerts the team when somebody accepts a call, avoiding duplicated effort and allows effective supervisor oversight. Long wait alerts are issued for unanswered calls.

CallGrab on wrist pager

Dinggly’s marine pager systems can be found on utility vessels as well as some of the world’s finest super yachts. Whether its rugged, rubberised, floating call buttons or one made from Italian quartz, they all run over the vessels WiFi system, don’t require internet connection, will email when they require recharging and glow green to confirm somebody is attending. Bespoke call button legends can be added. All-in-all it’s a brilliant and unique ship or super yacht paging system.

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