Meeting room and office call buttons 

Paging systems enable great customer service and drive efficiencies. Perfect in office, meeting room and office applications, our paging solutions include call buttons and voice calling, all of which can be received on phones, computers or Dinggly wrist pagers. Our QR and calling tablet systems can integrate with either third party or Dinggly’s own POS ordering software.

Great choice of buttons to suit all types of meeting rooms. Plastic, brass, hardwood, quartz…

QR calling allows anybody with a mobile phone to scan and reveal a virtual call button.They can simply request service, view information or connect a 2-way voice call. All without any app or numbers being exchanged. This is also a feature on our calling tablets.

QR call button

QR calling and calling tablets can offer links to other services, like online ordering. Dinggly’s online ordering system is provided by an award-winning 3rd party and allows orders for meeting and IT supplies, as as food and refreshments.

Dinggly pager system device compatibility
Hybrid WiFi Call button for meeting rooms

Hybrid solutions combine both the simplicity of call buttons with the benefit of voice calling.

Receive calls on your mobile devices (phones and tablets). Or opt for Dinggly Wrist Pagers.

Dinggly pager system device compatibility

Calls are directed to the relevant people. For example, IT departments only receive IT calls. Plus calls can be escalated if they go unanswered.

Dinggly’s call for service solution are highly effective within meeting room environments.
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