Developed for opticians in response to a product development brief. The most user-friendly, reliable and feature-rich system available.

How does it work?

Either a collection of calling buttons (or virtual ones) which alert staff when an optom is ready for a handover.

Calls and messages are sent over WiFi. They can either go to your existing mobile devices, a dedicated Calls tablet in reception or to individual staff via Dinggly Wrist Pagers.

What are the options?

A single-touch call button

  • Simplicity itself.
  • Can be renamed for use in any room
  • Rechargeable with emailed low-battery alerts
  • Easily mounted to desks or walls
  • Button function personalisation, graphics and colours available


A 4-touch call button

  • As per single-touch, but allows for up to 4 different call types to be made. Fully customisable calls and graphics.


A Voice call button

  • Record calls directly into the button. They’re received on tablets and wrist pagers and offer simplicity without the constraints of pre-set calls or typing messages.


A Virtual call button via a tablet

  • Allows optoms to specify the handover type required e.g. Contact Lenses
  • Allows optoms to add a text instruction if desired
  • Can be renamed for use in any test room
  • Allows the optom to see the call status (when its been received, accepted and by whom)
  • Send messages to the tablets e.g. “next customer running 10 minutes late”
  • Flexible format should needs change over time


What are the benefits?

  • Allow handovers to take place within optom rooms, providing a smoother customer journey and improved efficiency
  • Calls can be accepted by staff, notifying other team members and reducing duplicated effort
  • Ensure no call goes unanswered with call escalation and long-wait alerts
  • An optional online dashboard is available to monitor call volumes, attendance and response times

How are calls received?

To your phone or tablet, as an action list via the Dinggly App.

To a Dinggly Wrist Pager, as an action list.

As an interactive call status display, with pop-up notifications, on any device running Google Chrome browser.

To a Dinggly-supported smartplug, allowing buttons to command devices including lights and sirens.

Any combination of receiving devices can used within any Dinggly system

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