As a unique cloud-based paging system, Dinggly can send calls and messages to smartphones, tablets and smart plugs. It has an API allowing integration with other software systems.

WiFi connection means range is limitless. You’ll receive the calls, wherever they were generated, as long as there’s a WiFi or a cellular signal .

Dinggly also offer a touch-screen wrist pager, ideal for ensuring people on-the-go miss nothing. It’s compatible with all Dinggly calling devices (except Voice) and works wherever it can connect to WiFi.

How are calls received?

To your phone or tablet, as an action list via the Dinggly App.

To a Dinggly Wrist Pager, as an action list.

As an interactive call status display, with pop-up notifications, on any device running Google Chrome browser.

To a Dinggly-supported smartplug, allowing buttons to command devices including lights and sirens.

Any combination of receiving devices can used within any Dinggly system

To your phone or tablet as an action list via the Dinggly App

The Dinggly Pager app is available at the App Store or Google Play. You pay an annual fee for the maximum number of concurrent logins required. The app can be downloaded for free to as many devices as you wish, you’re just limited to how many can be active at any one time.

If you are in another app, Dinggly creates push notifications.

To prevent the inevitable issue of people leaving work logged-in, it’s easy to log somebody out remotely.

To a Dinggly Wrist Pager, as an action list

The Dinggly Wrist Pager is a popular way to get messages to busy teams and ensure they are not missed. It can work where there is WiFi and there’s an alternative where there isn’t.

As is the case with smart-devices, CallGrabTM is featured, allowing individuals to accept a call whilst notifying everybody else.

The rechargeable battery will last +10 hours. A charging rack is available to help organise charging multiple watches.

An interactive call status display through any hardware running a browser

The interactive call status display is particularly suitable where there is centralised monitoring of buttons. It can run on any device with a browser, Google Chrome being recommended as it sends pop-up notifications when out-of-page. Larger tablets, desktops and SmartTVs are great options to view the calls.

Smart Plugs

Sending calls to a Dinggly-supported smartplug allows you to toggle the power supply to them, triggering events such as lights turning on or sirens going off. A simple “acceptance” of the call from other receiving devices will reset the plugs status. Alternatively it will simply power-up (or down) for a set period of time before resetting.


The great thing with a cloud-based paging system is its easy to integrate with other software systems. Dinggly provide an API to achieve just this.