Room service tray retrieval buttons

Minimise unsightly trays left in hotel corridors and ensure response customer service.
Dinggly bring you most reliable and user friendly room service tray removal system. Only seconds added to each trays dispatch time and no training required.
Works over WiFi with unlimited range without the need for radio boosters. We offer a choice of physical call buttons or QR Collection Tiles.
Room service trolley collection button

Call Button based Hotel Room Service | IRD Tray Removal

Choice of tray collection call buttons with optional custom graphics.

Users love our simple software (tablet and desktop options). Allows the room service office to program, track and collect trays with minimum effort. Extremely low training requirement.

Dinggly Room Service Tray Collection control screen
Dinggly pager system device compatibility

Receive calls for tray collection on mobile devices (phones and tablets), wrist pagers a computer browser or, commonly, a large smartTV display. WiFi connectivity ensures no issues with range, even across skyscraper hotels.

CallGrabTM alerts the team when an individual accepts a call, avoiding duplicated effort and allows effective supervisor oversight. Long wait alerts are issued for unanswered collection requests.

CallGrab on wrist pager

Dinggalytics, Dinggly online performance dashboard, gives you timings on all key metrics of tray removal, allowing you to track your service.

Tray Removal System Overview

Click the image to download a one page PDF summary of our IRD | room service tray button systems

Tray Removal System Overview

Click the image to download a one page PDF summary of our IRD | room service tray button systems

QR Tile IRD | Room Service Tray Removal

Just about everybody carries a mobile phone and has got used to scanning QR codes lately. So here’s a product delivering 99% of the solution at less than 30% of the cost.

Dinggly’s QR IRD | room service tray QR system is simplicity itself for operators and guests. Simply place a tile on the trolley, wait until a guest scans it (they’ll be prompted to enter their room number) and you’ll receive the notification their tray is ready for collection. You can even ask for a rating (shared only with you).

CallGrabTM, a performance dashboard and branding with your logo on the guest interface is all included. The tile itself is rather lovely – precision cut and laser-etched.

Why not have a try? Please scan the code here (just don’t hang around for us to collect it!)

Room Service tray removal / collection tile

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