Venue type:
Busy city-centre stores with multiple test rooms.

The need:
When an optician has finished providing an eye test, they need to handover the customer to the correct department / member of staff. For example, this could be a glasses or contact lens dispenser, or a different specialist to undertake a further examination.

The solution:
Two different solutions have been adopted by various Specsavers stores – calling buttons or calling tablets within the test rooms and messages are received on either Dinggly watches or the stores’ existing mobile devices.

For example Specsavers Dundrum, Ireland has a call button solution where custom printed multi-touch buttons are provided. When a call is made the button light comes on until it has been accepted by the appropriate member of staff, so the optician who is calling knows their call is in hand. Alternatively sites including Specsavers Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, use calling tablets to allow individuals or entire departments to be called and display who is attending the call. It is also possible for the optician to receive messages (such as they are running over time) or type messages (should they have a very specific request).

Full cloud-based analytics (Dinggalytics™) are available allowing stores to see call waiting times and call volumes in addition to which staff are most responsive. In some instances this data has been used as an input for calculating staff incentives and bonuses.

“ We’ve come to be heavily reliant on Dinggly to help us provide the best customer service and maximise throughput. We’ve worked with them since 2016 and have seen a consistent stream of added features and enhancements”, Aly Uke, Director, Specsavers Shandwick Place