Sometimes a lower per-unit cost is appreciated beyond the extra functionality offered by Dinggly WiFi calling buttons. Externally identical to their WiFi peers, Splash Lite wireless call buttons can be great for the largest systems – or smaller ones which are a little less demanding.

Splash Lite wireless call buttons have been introduced specifically for the largest poolside and beach venues where this is most prevalent. Crucially, you still get identical premium button casings and branding opportunities, plus a longer battery life of up to 2 years.

Here is a list of features offered with Splash Lite. plus a summary of the features only available with Dinggly WiFi call buttons (for easy cross referencing).

  • Premium buttons with unrivalled branding opportunities:
    • Logos
    • Colours
    • Call names/legends
  • Water-, weather- and shockproof
  • Elegant secure parasol and table fixings.
  • Up to 3 custom calls plus cancel per button.
  • Visual low battery alerts on buttons.
  • Data on total daily system usage.
  • Rename (and therefore repurpose) call buttons in seconds.
  • Long wait alerts – calls not completed within a specific time frame signal secondary calls via Dinggly call escalation.
  • Calls are sent to Dinggly Lite Pagers. Long wait alerts are received via mobile phones. Both Android and iOS supported.
  • Requires installation of a radio network via a transmitter and repeaters.

Features not offered by Splash Lite buttons

  • Multi-press recording – know how many times a customer has pressed for service on each occasion.
  • Call buttons can be grouped together and zoned e.g. “splash pool”. This allows any pager to choose to receive any number of different zone calls when logging on.
  • Low battery email alerts.
  • CallGrabTM – Any call accepted on a pager sends a message to other pagers that the call is ‘in hand’ – avoiding duplicated effort.
  • Calls can be sent to Dinggly Pagers, a tablet(s) or mobile phones. Both Android and iOS supported.
    Works over existing WiFi network.
    Full Dinggalytics online performance dashboard available.

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How are calls received?

To your existing Android or iOS devices via the Dinggly app and license.

To Dinggly wrist pagers (also available with velcro belt loop).

To a fixed tablet or monitor showing all calls.

Integrated into your existing management system (subject to compatibility).

Clubs and Casinos

Office & Meeting Facilities