Venue Type:
Substantial 4-star hotel with extensive conferencing facilities

The need:
The Bull has a total of 11 meeting rooms, split across opposite ends of the hotel. Delegates were hesitant to use the in-room telephones to call for service, especially mid-session. As the meeting rooms are spread across a large area often the dedicated conference staff would be difficult to locate.

The solution:
Dinggly Call-for-service buttons in every room. They sit elegantly in the middle of each meeting room table and couldn’t be a simpler way to request service. Buttons were selected over tablets due to their simplicity and because, regardless of the nature of the call, the same staff members would always attend. Smart-watches with CallGrabTM mean staff can accept a call for themselves, notify others and avoid duplicated effort.

“The guests really appreciate the simplicity of the solution – one touch of the button and they know somebody is on their way” Maciek Bak, General Manager, The Bull Hotel