Dinggly’s Virtual Buttons send calls via tablets or smartphones. They have an extended feature set, making them the preferred solution in some situations.

Message Hub allows a Dinggly system supervisor to exchange messages and notifications with anybody equipped with a receiving device.

Ding4Me is a cloud based queue system. Individuals are called to a collection point via their phones or a queue display.

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  • A flexible calling method with lots of added features, including text and voice messaging. Make it your own with bespoke colours, logos and even staff photos. They work over your existing WiFi network and can be used alongside all other Dinggly paging system products
  • Virtual Call Buttons (VCB) can be particularly useful where significant distances are involved and you can understand the nature of the query and resolve it remotely or with one visit.
  • Each VCB has an unlimited number of call types (whilst call buttons offer 1-4 call types).
  • Call types can be changed as needs change (whereas buttons have printed graphics)
  • Each call can be supplemented with a text message if required.
  • Dinggly Voice is available as an option, allowing the recording of message requests. Messages are received as audio files on smart devices.
  • When a call is accepted it is acknowledged on the tablet, either “We’re on our way” or with specific staff names. Photos can also be added.
  • The device can be renamed to reflect a new location in seconds.
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Message Hub

Whether it’s used as a total solution or an add-on to a call button system, Dinggly’s Messenger Hub it’s a great way for your team to stay in-touch.

Dinggly paging systems receive calls on smart devices and wrist pagers. So as well as your team receiving calls from our button and other calling devices, they can also receive messages sent from the hub.

The hub is a web-based portal so it will run on any browser on any device. It includes the following functionality:

  • Message individuals with text or voice* messages (*smart devices only)
  • Save commonly used messages
  • Set up Groups to message multiple people at once
  • Send messages for Information (received and acknowledged by recipient) or for Action
    (where a task is accepted and all other personnel advised)
  • Track who receives, acknowledges and accepts each call

It’s a great complement to any Dinggly system. But to other operations it’s the only system they actually need. Contact us for an online demo.



If you have waiting customers, there’s no better way to serve them efficiently and safely than with a Ding4Me queue system. It improves your customer experience and is a great social distancing tool.

Ding4Me allows customers to disperse away from a queue. A small printer at the checkout produces a ticket for every order, which is passed to the customer. When you are ready for them they are notified via their phone or, for those less inclined to use technology, you can still call out their number the traditional way or use a queue display screen. As such, its a really simple, inclusive physical and virtual queuing and collection system, accessible to everybody. Watch our video to see just how straightforward Ding4Me is (there’s a load of clever background stuff, but we’ve kept the video brief).

Why choose Ding4Me?

  • It’s a solution for everybody – those comfortable with technology and those less so.
  • It allows customers to disperse away from a queue or collection point
  • It has no range issues. If a customer has a phone signal they’ll get the alert, wherever they are.
  • It means no hardware to purchase, clean, charge, or get misplaced.

It’s a great queue management system for hospitality, retail, entertainment, public services and leisure.

Want traditional collection buzzers? Find them here.


How are calls received?

To your phone or tablet, as an action list via the Dinggly App.

To a Dinggly Wrist Pager, as an action list.

As an interactive call status display on a Desktop, Tablet or SmartTV.

Any combination of receiving devices can used within any Dinggly system

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