A Dinggly waiter pager system calls staff to the pass to collect orders, maximising efficiency and time spent front-of-house.

Our waiter call system can work in one of two ways. In ‘machine gun’ mode it works like a silent bell, triggering waiter pagers whenever it is pressed. Alternatively, it works in an integrated manner, where each call is made and accepted by the relevant waiter pager. Every other waiter / waitress pager is notified. The call button also glows green when each call is accepted, signalling to kitchen staff the call is being attended.

The Dinggly waiter call button system can send the calls to Dinggly wrist pagers, iOS or Android phones of tablets. App notifications pop-up on phones and tablets, so it’s easy to use on kit already set-up for POS in your restaurant.

To find out more about how our restaurant waiter call button system, please get in touch.

How are calls received?

To your phone or tablet, as an action list via the Dinggly App.

To a Dinggly Wrist Pager, as an action list.

As an interactive call status display, with pop-up notifications, on any device running Google Chrome browser.

To a Dinggly-supported smartplug, allowing buttons to command devices including lights and sirens.

Any combination of receiving devices can used within any Dinggly system

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