Advanced, contemporary call buttons for in- and outside use. They create a wireless call system working over your existing WiFi network*. From great value off-the-shelf solutions to bespoke functions, colours and graphics, we do it all. Get in touch today.

*Location with no WiFi? See Splash Lite buttons.

  • Premium Call Buttons with unrivalled branding opportunities:
    • Logos
    • Colours
    • Call names/legends
  • Splash Call Button: Water-, weather- and shockproof with elegant parasol and table fixings.
  • Regular Call Button: Easy clean, secure locking plates and various holder and mounting options.
  • Up to 4 custom calls.
  • Our wireless call buttons can be grouped together and zoned, e.g. “splash pool”. This allows any pager to choose to receive any number of different zone calls when logging on.
  • Rename (and therefore repurpose) buttons in seconds.
  • Multi-press recording – know how many times a customer has pressed for service on each occasion.
  • Low battery email alerts ensuring 100% service level.
  • CallGrabTM – Any call accepted on a pager sends a message to other pagers that the call is ‘in hand’ – avoiding duplicated effort.
  • Long wait alert – calls not completed within a specific timeframe signal secondary calls via Dinggly call escalation.
  • Calls can be sent to Dinggly Pagers, a tablet(s) or mobile phones. Both Android and iOS supported.
  • Work over existing WiFi network and/or a Dinggly 2-way radio network where WiFi is not available.
  • Dinggalytics online performance dashboard gives unrivalled service insight: Number of calls, time to accept calls, time to complete calls, number of long wait alerts. All for any selected period.
  • Also see Splash Lite Pagers

Popular Applications
  • Offering service where it might not usually be expected, e.g. lobbies, poolside and terraces, enhancing customer service and increasing revenue. Calling buttons can help you be ever-attentive without needing to invade your guests’ privacy.
  • Paging staff to a service point, for example to reception, help desk or when orders are ready for collection in a kitchen
  • Requesting service from meeting rooms and VIP areas.

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How are calls received?

To your phone (Android or iOS) via the Dinggly app.

To a fixed tablet or monitor showing all calls.

Clubs and Casinos

Office & Meeting Facilities