Remedy Place Beverly Hills call button
Zulal outdoor pool call button
Nightclub call for service button
Jumeirah Maldives hardwood call for service button
specavers bespoke paging system call button with 4 legends
Aqaba, Jordan, outdoor call button
The Broadway residences call for service button - white
The Broadway residences call for service button - charcoal

Make it your own!

Bryanston Hyde Park Trustpilot review for paging system

Dinggly Paging Systems offer the opportunity to personalise call for service buttons and QR calling tiles. It’s an extremely popular option (mandatory on some products where standard graphics are not offered). The elements which can be customised are:

  • Adding your own graphics, logos, legends and calls to action
  • Choice of standard base colours and bespoke
  • Custom materials including woods, quartz and metals
  • You can even commission a button unique to you

Customisation is usually subject to a set, one-off fee, so there is no minimum quantity. Here are a few of our customers designs to show what is possible. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Riverstone luxury quartz call button
Mischief super yacht call button concept
Fireball whiskey bespoke call button
Sandy Lane Barbados hardwood call button for paging system
Dorchester collection brass call button
Mayfair Townhouse paging system call button
SkyCity hotel outdoor pool call button Australia
Luxury Quartz call button
The Kinderton bar and restaurant call button
Champagne ordering call button - The Bolly Button
Luxury champagne call button for paging system
QR virtual call button orange slice design
Royal & Ancient Golf Club call button
custom designed QR paging system for Fireball
custom designed QR paging system for ASML
custom designed QR paging system