Retail Paging Systems

Dinggly retail paging systems lend themselves to many applications. An effective retail call button system will allow staff more flexibility within their roles so they can be more mobile and more productive. It also saves shoppers needing to track down a member of staff.
Common uses are requesting attendance at unmanned help and service points, assistance in fitting rooms and the unlocking of display cabinets. There is an extensive range of retail call buttons to match shop design schemes and allow 1 to 4 different calls.
As calls are directed over WiFi, range is limitless and personnel are able to see when a colleague has answered a call.

Great choice of retail call buttons to match interiors and function.

Alternative QR based virtual retail call buttons and paging software. This brings cost effectiveness and many extra features, including 2 way voice calling and links to online systems.

QR call button
Dinggly pager system device compatibility showing wrist pager, phone, laptop, MS Teams and Slack

Receive calls on your mobile devices (phones and tablets) or a computer browser. Or opt for Dinggly Wrist Pagers. You can also receive calls via Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Call escalation ensures that if a call goes unanswered it is repeated or directed to supervisors. Furthermore, individual logins can be configured so that users only receive calls relevant to them.

A secure portal allows you to change the name of a calling device (for example, because you move it). Similarly you can change staff logins and other parameters.

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