Residential call for service buttons

Dinggly’s range of call buttons is ideally suited for both individual private homes and managed residential developments. Both functionally and aesthetically, the call button collection has something suitable for most budgets and interior designs. Most residential customers opt for customisation (featuring property names, family names or coats of arms), whilst some ask for nothing at all (if you know … you know).
Our cloud-based systems allow call buttons to interact with mobile phones, browsers and Android-based pagers. There’s no need for extra hardware common with dated paging systems and range is never an issue. Where there’s WiFi, there’s Dinggly.

Residential call for service buttons

We call them Dingglies. You can have them with standard graphics or to your custom design. All Dingglies are special, but some are extra special. All come guaranteed to impress your customers and colleagues!


Single call | Water resistant | Mounting plate | 52mm diameter


Up to 4 calls | Waterproof | Mounting plate | 60mm diameter

Elite Range

OneTouch Halo

CNC engineered outer rings | Single call | Waterproof | Mounting Plate | 58mm diameter

MultiTouch Halo

CNC engineered outer rings | Up to 4 calls | Waterproof | Mounting Plate | 66mm diameter


Walnut + other hardwoods | Single call | Waterproof | Mounting Plate | 65mm diameter


With or without ring | Send voice messages | Mounting Plate | 60/66mm diameter

WiFi Call buttons & Non Wifi Options at Dinggly

Receiving calls

Call button notifications can be received on mobile devices via our app, computer browsers Dinggly Pocket Pagers or wrist pagers, or any combination thereof. You can also receive them via Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Call button light turns green when service is on its way.

Direct calls to the right people, and escalate when necessary.

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