Opticians paging systems

Comprehensive, cloud based opticians paging systems letting you maximise efficiency and provide the best customer experience. Customised solutions based on your needs and budget.
In case you’re wondering …. we don’t only help Specsavers!

Customised call buttons with legends to suit the calls you need.

Alternative tablet-based calling. Flexible interface allowing for multiple call types and customised branding. Offers many extra features, including 2 way voice calling.

AIMS calling tablet pager system
Dinggly pager system device compatibility

Receive calls on your mobile devices (phones and tablets) or a computer browser. Or opt for Dinggly Wrist Pagers.

Call escalation ensures that if a call goes unanswered it is repeated or directed to supervisors. Furthermore, individual logins can be configured so that users only receive calls relevant to them.

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Options to link Optoms, Dispensing, Reception and more. Modular system makes it easy to extend and modify call systems.

An optometrist | opticians paging system from Dinggly brings many advantages over traditional systems via it’s cloud architecture. When call buttons are pressed, optoms will see, from it’s LED turning green, that somebody is on their way. Call buttons can send up to 4 messages. Alternatively, tablet calling allows many call types plus text messaging (frequently used messages can be pre-loaded) and can receive discrete messages too, such as the next customer arriving late. All calling methods allow long wait alerts to me escalated when calls go unanswered. With tablets being widely used in opticians, receiving the call on them or mobile phones is a popular choice, with computer browsers and wrist pagers being other options.

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