The room service trolley retrieval buttons that look as good as the food

If you want to banish smelly, dirty plates from your hotel’s corridors, get a tried and tested solution. There’s one that’s super user-friendly, gives a choice of notification methods and has, by far, the coolest choice of collection buttons. It’s Dinggly.
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How it works

Dinggly buttons (Dingglies) connect directly to your WiFi network and send messages to you, via the cloud, to your mobiles, tablets, smartTVs, Dinggly WiFi pocket or wrist pagers, even email! There is no issue with button range – where there’s WiFi, there’s Dinggly.

customised wifi call button


Each button has a unique number (etched on the base).


When a room service order arrives the button is tagged with the room number. This starts the ‘clock’ at the time the order is placed.


As the order leaves the kitchen, the button is marked ‘dispatched’.


When the guest wants their trolley collected, they touch the button. The button has a blue confirmatory LED.


Over WiFi, the button notifies everybody via the Dinggly app. It’s accepted and the LED turns green.


Upon collection, the button is given a ‘custom’ touch, known only to the collector, completing the process.


Your data portal will tell you how long orders take to dispatch, the number of collections, who collected them and how long they took. Awesome!

“It’s a Wonderful tool, please provide me with a quote for the additional 60 …”

Edgar, Puerto Rico

Try Dinggly now, risk free!
Order a trial Dinggly via our contacts page and we’ll set you up to give Dinggly a go.

The payment is refunded when the button is returned to us.

Buttons as elegant as your interiors

All Dingglies are special, but some are extra special. Our flexible designs cater for a wide range of budgets and aesthetics. All are rechargeable

Dinggly OneTouch

Waterproof | Customisable | 52mm diameter

Dinggly OneTouch Halo

Waterproof | Customisable | 58mm diameter


Walnut + other hardwoods | Waterproof | Customisable | 65mm diameter

Please contact us today to find out more.

QR Tile IRD | Room Service Tray Removal

Just about everybody carries a mobile phone and has got used to scanning QR codes lately. So here’s a product delivering
99% of the solution at less than 30% of the cost.

Dinggly’s QR IRD | room service tray QR system is simplicity itself for operators and guests. There are two options:

1. You have a tile for every room and pop the relevant one on the tray. The guest scans it and taps “Collect” to alert you.

2. Every tile is the same. The guest scans and is promoted to enter their room number. They then tap “Collect to alert you.

With either, you can ask for a rating (shared only with you).

CallGrabTM, a performance dashboard and branding with your logo on the guest interface is all included. The tile itself is
rather lovely – precision cut and laser-etched.

Why not have a try? Please scan the code here, an example of option 2 (just don’t hang around for us to collect it!)

Room Service tray removal / collection tile