Working over WiFi*, Dinggly is a modular system of calling points (call-buttons and/or call-tablets) which send messages to smart devices and/or bespoke Dinggly wrist pagers. Because it’s modular it means you can easily start small and add to your system as requirements develop.

It’s fully integrated, so all calling points feed through to any pager or device. You can also configure the system with CallRoles™, which means staff are only alerted to calls relevant to them.

Being digital and WiFi-based brings many advantages.

*or a low-cost Dinggly digital network

We ship Dinggly All Over the World

We ship Dinggly
All Over the World

Systems are delivered ready to work ‘out of the box’

Being cloud-based, we can make immediate adjustments to your setup

Subject to Status, you may qualify for a zero cost zero obligation evaluation kit to be sent to you

The Dinggly Difference


Dinggly isn’t like traditional one-way radio paging systems. Calls and messages are sent over Wifi networks. Subject to set-up, if you have WiFi or a cellular signal you will receive the calls, even if you’re on the other side of the planet. These calls can be received on your smartphone, a tablet, a linked-display or a Dinggly Wrist Pager. They all tell each other who is attending the call, removing duplicated effort.

Dinggly Voice takes the concept or service buttons to the next level. Voice buttons connect to WiFi and relay the call to smartphones as usual. However the smartphone can then talk directly back to the person at the button, via the Dinggly App.

Dinggly can potentially integrate with your existing management / communication tools, meaning you don’t need any additional paging devices or systems. It can integrate with most modern fire-alarm systems. Please contact us for more details.

To your phone (Android or iOS) via the Dinggly app.

To a fixed tablet or monitor showing all calls.

WiFi Calling Buttons

Dinggly Call Buttons are the most premium and advanced available. Compact yet large enough to get noticed, they look great with standard graphics or customised with your own print and colours.

WiFi Call Buttons are available in two forms. Both connect directly to your WiFi.

  • Regular call buttons: touch sensitive, rechargeable, indoor call buttons. Easily cleaned and supplied with mounting plates. Our In-Room Dining buttons are also this variety.
  • Splash call buttons: robust and waterproof, wireless charging and with mounting plates and hangers. Typically used outdoors but also in more testing environments, such as kitchens and industrial areas.

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Splash call buttons are also offered in a non-WiFi version with a slightly reduced feature set, called Splash Lite. Intended for the very largest venues, they bring the delightful look and feel of a Dinggly button at a lower price point.

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All call buttons are:
• available from stock in white and graphite colours, with a selection of ring colour combinations
• great for branding with a large area for custom printing
• available as either a 1-touch “Service” or 4-touch buttons
• can be renamed, for easy relocation and change of use
• supplied with a locking plate and removal tool to prevent casual theft
• rechargeable. Charging frequency is low (it depends on usage) and you will receive an email to alert you when a button is running low
• compatible with CallRoles™, so only the relevant staff receive the calls
• compatible with CallGrab™. Calls can be swiped to be ‘claimed’ by an individual. This notifies everybody who is attending, stopping duplicated effort
• able to send long-wait alerts to advise that a call has gone unanswered for longer than you’d wish
• splash proof, but must not be left in standing water
• available with menu holder and parasol mounts

Common uses for call for service buttons include:
• Offering service efficiently in unstaffed or out-of-sight areas e.g. lobbies, terraces, sun loungers
• Improving efficiency by providing a button to request service e.g. quite periods in hotel bars
• Making VIP booths in clubs extra-special and encouraging spontaneous orders
• Placed on room service trolleys and pressed when the trolley is ready for collection
• Getting assistance in store changing rooms
• Indicating that a task has been completed within a time slot e.g. janitorial services
• Telling restaurant staff an order is ready for collection

Calling Station Tablets

Calling Station tablets offer more flexibility and function than call buttons.

Whereas a call button is limited to 4 call types, a tablet is limitless. Also a button is permanently printed whilst a tablet can be reconfigured as needs change.

The biggest advantage of a Calling Station is the ability to add text messages to service requests. This means that assistance can be dealt with remotely (such as ordering a taxi) or with just one visit (for example bringing fresh coffee).

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Dinggalytics™ performance dashboard

Dinggalytics™ is Dinggly’s online performance data portal. It provides anywhere-access via a browser to a live online dashboard showing site and individual performance data. It can help you track your service levels, workload and sales attributes to Dinggly

• How many calls are being made? From where?
• Who attends the most calls?
• How long do they take?
• What do people think of the service? (see Bill & Rate)
• How long are people left waiting?

Dinggalytics is available as an add-on over the standard software subscription charge.