Restaurant pager systems

A Dinggly call-for-service restaurant pager system allows diners to request attention to their table; or the kitchen to call waiters and runners to the pass. With the widest range of call buttons, numerous ways to receive calls and lots of configuration options, Dinggly is ideal for restaurant, bar and cafe environments.
Kitchen & Restaurant pager Systems by Dinggly

Restaurant paging systems

Unrivalled range of call for service buttons and other call solutions, catering for a wide range of restaurant interiors.

Dinggly’s Kitchen Call button sends different alerts from the kitchen to the team, starting from only £221. It’s an essential paging system when the pass is not within line of sight of front-of house. Thick walls, multiple floors and long distances are no issue. Guaranteed.

Calls from the button are received on your existing mobile devices. Therefore it’s a perfect solution for venues already using these devices as part of their service, minimising extra hardware and some inevitable loss or breakage.

Dinggly pager system device compatibility

Receive calls on your mobile devices (phones and tablets). You may already be using them for ordering. Or opt for Dinggly Wrist Pagers. You can also display the calls on large interactive screens.

Dinggly’s CallGrabTM alerts the team when somebody accepts a call, avoiding duplicated effort and allows effective supervisor oversight. Long wait alerts are issued for unanswered calls.

CallGrab on wrist pager
Kitchen to waiter call system

Can be integrated with KDS systems to automatically page teams when orders become ready.

Customers love using a restaurant pager system!

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A good restaurant pager system takes any stress off diners, ensuring they receive attention only when wanted. They can relax knowing they’re being served fairly and in order. Here’s somebody who reached this conclusion many years ago, and expresses it much better than us.

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