Kitchen to waiter paging system

Our kitchen to waiter paging system is Dinggly’s best selling system. Typically used when the pass and front-of-house are not within line of sight. Sends calls to your existing mobiles, tablets or Dinggly wrist pagers. Thick walls, multiple floors and long distances are no issue, guaranteed. Optimised after years of experiences listening to customer feedback

The kitchen paging system button calls waiters when they have orders (or larger orders) ready, need the attendance of a manager or need an allergen check approval.

Custom buttons with different legends are available. Or purchase a blank one and use a marker pen!

Dinggly pager system device compatibility

Our kitchen pager system will allow a waiter or waitress to receive calls on a mobile devices (phones and tablets) or a computer browser. Or opt for Dinggly Wrist Pagers, ideal when staff personal phone use is not permitted.

CallGrabTM alerts the team when somebody accepts a call, avoiding duplicated effort and allows effective supervisor oversight. Long wait alerts are issued for unanswered calls.

CallGrab on wrist pager
Kitchen to waiter call system

Can be integrated with KDS systems to automatically page teams when orders become ready.

Great value, non-cloud option. Includes most features with calls received on Dinggly wrist pagers. Also useful in sites where WiFi is patchy or non-existent.

Waiter paging systems can improve diners overall experience, as well as bringing operational efficiencies. Having a kitchen call system means the front of house team can concentrate on … being front of house! Without effective runners, there is a natural tendency for the team to congregate at the pass, awaiting the next order, out of sight of customers.