Factory Paging Systems

Dinggly factory paging systems are cloud-based and work across WiFi networks. This enables limitless range, full call tracking, calls to mobile devices and integration with MES systems* Some factory requirements are easily met with our standard systems API, for example a call button to request a restock, pallet removal or engineer assistance. Others can be more complex and require system integrations. Dinggly have an in-house team of coders to work with enterprises delivering these solutions.
Dinggly provide a choice of call buttons allowing 1 to 4 call types, plus group paging software and voice calling.

*In some operating environments, where WiFi comms are not available, Dinggly can operate on 2-way zigbee communication.

Quality, rechargeable, 2-way call buttons which email low battery alerts. Water and dust proof, perfect for most environments.

Call escalation ensures that if a call goes unanswered it is directed to supervisors. Furthermore, individual logins can be configured so that users only receive calls relevant to them.

Dinggalytics, our online performance dashboard, gives real time and historic statistics on call volumes, responsiveness and staff activity. API available to link it to your systems.

A secure portal allows you to change the name of a calling device (for example, because you move it). Similarly you can change staff logins and other parameters.

Dinggly’s manufacturing calling system is wireless and works on WiFi or zigbee communications if preferred. All call buttons are rechargeable. The absence of any required wiring makes them both cheap and easy to install, and an online portal allows you to simply allocate or change the names of the call buttons.

Require a paging system for manufacturing plant? Please get in touch.