Dinggly call buttons are the smartest, simplest and coolest way to let your customers or staff request service. They enhance customer experience and give extra revenue opportunities. They can even be used to confirm when tasks have been completed. From restaurant kitchens to sun loungers, changing rooms to casinos, Dinggly provides the answers.

Dinggly buttons talk directly to your mobile devices or Dinggly pagers, via the Cloud. There’s nothing quite like Dinggly.

Buttons are great but sometimes a little more detail is helpful.

Dinggly Calling Tablets allow specific types of service to be requested. Plus text messages can be added and even food orders placed.

Just like with our buttons, messages can be received on your mobile devices or Dinggly pagers. Full reporting and response tracking is available.

In addition Dinggly Room Service is a fully fledged room-service ordering system.

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The Dinggly Difference

How Dinggly Works



Dinggly’s smart call for service systems allow you to provide always-present levels of service to your customers in a discrete, efficient manner. [Find out more]


Give the best customer experience and improve your productivity with Dinggly’s retail paging system. [Find out more]


Making the right impression, enhancing the service experience and increasing efficiency are all benefits bought to you by Dinggly‘s call-for-service buttons and calling tablets. [Find out more]


Keep track of your organisations’ scheduled tasks with Dinggly. [Find out more]


Give the best customer experience and improve your productivity with Dinggly’s optician paging system. [Find out more]

Case studies

Laki Kane

It's an exceptionally simple system and which certainly adds to the comfort and ease of service for our customers. Dinggly buttons are also the only products I have seen which offer on-brand designs and are of the highest quality for our Tropical Escape. Our staff love the ease of use of the system and our customers love the additional smoothness of service that Dinggly offers.


We’ve come to be heavily reliant on Dinggly to help us provide the best customer service and maximise throughput. We’ve worked with them since 2016 and have seen a consistent stream of added features and enhancements

Jumeirah Carlton Tower, London

Jumeirah’s strive to improve every aspect of the customer experience led us to looking at room service trolley removal. We’d considered other solutions but they needed manual intervention and management oversight to work properly. Dinggly provides us with the simplest of solutions to delight our customers and improve our return of room trolley assets

Latest News

Dinggly co-sponsor first IHTF Asia, Hong Kong

January 3rd, 2019|

Dinggly joined many of the world largest hotel groups and other leading industry suppliers at the inaugural International Hotel Technology Forum Asia, Hong Kong. Aimed specifically to cater for the growing hospitality sector across [...]

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Dinggly to show paging system at IHTF Majorca 2018

April 27th, 2018|

Dinggly is being shared with the most senior hotel technology executives at the International Hotel Technology Forum in Majorca this May. Dinggly's call for service buttons, kitchen paging and meeting room messaging will all [...]

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Smaller, gentle-touch call buttons

November 24th, 2017|

Hotels and restaurants invest thousands of pounds on beautiful table-ware and striking interiors. Why compromise the look by putting unsightly call buttons on tables? Introducing our new call buttons. Dinggly's call buttons have always [...]