Wireless pager system & call buttons for hotels, restaurants, offices and retail

Wireless pager system & call buttons for hotels, restaurants, offices and retail

Dinggly’s paging system and call buttons are the smartest, simplest and coolest way to let your customers or staff request service. They enhance customer experience and give extra revenue opportunities.

Our pager systems consist of calling points (either call buttons or calling tablets), communicating over the cloud with receiving points (Dinggly wrist pagers, smartphones, tablets or smart TVs).

From restaurant kitchens to sun loungers and hospitals to casinos, Dinggly has the answers. There’s nothing else like it.

Our Call Buttons


Dinggly’s Mini buttons are a great, economic, responsive solution where buttons are clustered together, such as restaurant tables and sunbeds.

They connect to WiFi via an internet Gateway, located in the same vicinity.

  • Small, simple and cost effective.
  • White, charcoal or red standard colour options.
  • Options to personalise with graphics/logo.
  • Water resistant.
  • Rechargeable via micro USB. Lasts months between charges and emails when charging is required.
  • Dimensions: 50mm diameter, 15mm height.
  • Available with locking plate to deter casual theft.

Splash Lite & WiFi

Dinggly’s Splash WiFi call buttons work wherever your WiFi network can be found. The benefits are incredible range and flexibility of use. Common uses are meeting rooms, outdoors and less intensively serviced areas (such as gardens and lobbies).
They’re also available without WiFi as Splash Lite – a lower cost option, operating in the same manner as Mini buttons and great for use in clusters.

  • Premium and feature-rich
  • Calls = up to 4 types, pre-set or user-defined
  • Option to personalise with graphics/logo
  • Wireless charging. Lasts weeks between charges and emails when charging is required.
  • Intelligent call handling with call acknowledgement
  • Water and shockproof.
  • White or charcoal standard colour options.
  • Dimensions: 73mm diameter, 29mm height.

Touch & Voice

Dinggly’s Touch and Voice call buttons share the same enclosure. They work directly over WiFi, giving them incredible range and flexibility of use. They are frequently used in receptions, meeting rooms, in-room-dining trolley removal and retail. Voice buttons allow the user to record and send voice messages to receiving staff as audio and/or text transcripts.

  • Contemporary, touch-sensitive design.
  • Calls = up to 4 types, pre-set or user-defined. Voice buttons allow voice messaging only.
  • Option to personalise with graphics/logo.
  • Rechargeable via micro USB. Lasts weeks between charges and emails when charging is required.
  • White or charcoal standard colour options.
  • Dimensions: 78mm diameter, 37mm max height.

The Dinggly Difference

How are calls received?

To your phone or tablet, as an action list via the Dinggly App.

To a Dinggly Wrist Pager, as an action list.

As an interactive call status display on a Tablet or SmartTV.

Any combination of receiving devices can used within any Dinggly system

Dinggly Calling Tablets

Call button pager systems are wonderfully simple but sometimes some added functionality is helpful. Dinggly Calling Tablets allow specific types of service to be requested. Text and Voice messages can be added, and you have the option of a two way conversation. Just like with our call buttons, messages can be received on your mobile devices, Smart TVs or Dinggly wireless pagers. Full reporting and response tracking is available.

In addition, to compliment our call button offer in hotel rooms, Dinggly Room Service is a fully fledged room-service tablet ordering system.

Find out more here

Introducing Dinggly Voice

Dinggly Voice is the call button that phones you back! The caller presses the button whenever they want assistance, notifying registered mobile phones, who can automatically call the button back. Find out more here

Dinggly Voice has many applications. Here’s a brief explainer telling you how it helps delegates and staff communicate more easily from meeting rooms.

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Case studies

Laki Kane Rum Bar Case Study

It's an exceptionally simple system and which certainly adds to the comfort and ease of service for our customers. Dinggly buttons are also the only products I have seen which offer on-brand designs and are of the highest quality for our Tropical Escape. Our staff love the ease of use of the system and our customers love the additional smoothness of service that Dinggly offers.

Specsavers Case Study

We’ve come to be heavily reliant on Dinggly to help us provide the best customer service and maximise throughput. We’ve worked with them since 2016 and have seen a consistent stream of added features and enhancements

Jumeirah Carlton Tower Case Study

Jumeirah’s strive to improve every aspect of the customer experience led us to looking at room service trolley removal. We’d considered other solutions but they needed manual intervention and management oversight to work properly. Dinggly provides us with the simplest of solutions to delight our customers and improve our return of room trolley assets

The advantages of Dinggly’s smart paging system

  • Improving customer service

In the hospitality and retail industry, there’s no room for error when it comes to customer service. With reviews and ratings playing an increasingly integral role in public perceptions, we can help you achieve rave reviews every time. Our professional solutions ensure that your customers are never left waiting, and at the same time making life easier for your staff. With call buttons for restaurants and hotel rooms, you can tend to the needs of your guests and diners with minimal hassle and keep in contact with staff on the go. In addition, wireless smart bedroom paging systems also offer guests next-level room service, enabling them to make an order within seconds and request tray collection as soon as they have finished.

  • Growing revenue

Every retail and hospitality business wants to increase sales and takings without compromising on quality or making sacrifices elsewhere. Dinggly’s professional products for servers, chefs and hotel staff promote revenue growth by shining a spotlight on income- generating areas and providing a seamless service that will delight customers and guests.

  • Improving efficiency

Efficiency is key when a hotel booked up for weeks in advance, a hospital has an influx of patients or a school is hosting an event. The Dinggly call buttons save time and effort. With an interactive smart WiFi paging system, your staff won’t have to run around searching for a colleague to help out or wait around for somebody to come to collect bags or retrieve room service trays. Providing a more efficient service can also help to optimise head-count, which can contribute to an upward curve in revenue. If you’re a busy hospital, school or restaurant or work in a bustling retail environment, Dinggly is the perfect solution for you.

Latest News

Dinggly co-sponsor first IHTF Asia, Hong Kong

January 3rd, 2019|

Dinggly joined many of the world largest hotel groups and other leading industry suppliers at the inaugural International Hotel Technology Forum Asia, Hong Kong. Aimed specifically to cater for the growing hospitality sector across [...]

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Dinggly to show paging system at IHTF Majorca 2018

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Smaller, gentle-touch call buttons

November 24th, 2017|

Hotels and restaurants invest thousands of pounds on beautiful table-ware and striking interiors. Why compromise the look by putting unsightly call buttons on tables? Introducing our new call buttons. Dinggly's call buttons have always [...]

Custom, cutting-edge pager system for your business

At Dinggly, we understand the importance of exceptional standards of service. Customers and guests don’t want to be kept waiting, and they have high expectations. If you’re eager to impress, Dinggly call buttons and customised wireless paging systems are the ideal investment. Whether you’re searching for a pager system for nurses in hospitals or teachers in schools, you’re keen to improve the efficiency of your room service retrieval and delivery, or you’re on a mission to offer hotel guests extra perks for an added touch of luxury, we can help. A leading UK manufacturer and supplier of call buttons, we offer innovative tray call and retrieval pager systems that can be used everywhere from hotel rooms to busy kitchens.

Get in touch today!

If you run a business in the hospitality industry, and you’re looking for effective, affordable ways to impress your customers, improve standards of service and efficiency, and make your hotel rooms or restaurant stand out from the crowd, why not get in touch with us today? We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your individual requirements and objectives in more detail. We can also give you more information about the setup process and prices.