Virtual QR Call Buttons

Dinggly give QR codes the personal touch. They act like our call buttons, requesting the attention of a human face. But you can also have a 2-way phone conversation or a live chat. They can link to menus and other information, as well as facilitating online ordering from your choice of supplier, including one bespoke to Dinggly.

So, buttons or QR codes? It’s ultimate simplicity vs function. Permanent devices vs interface flexibility. Cost vs a bit less cost. Get in touch with us for our advice.

Everybody, nearly always, carries their phone, correct? When scanned, Dinggly QR codes transform users phones into virtual call buttons, allowing them to call for service without the need for any app.

Beyond regular requests for attendance, these virtual call buttons offer a rich range of features, including:

  • Adding text messages and photos to calls

  • Initiating a 2-way chat

  • Holding a 2-way phone conversation (without the sharing of phone numbers)

  • Following links to further information or booking systems

Hybrid Solutions

If you want the simplicity of a button, but the functions of a QR solution, you can do both! Dinggly’s hybrid solutions combine our call buttons with integrated QRs, giving your office the best of both worlds.

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