View our range of state-of-the art call button and QR paging systems that connect calling and receiving devices, usually via the cloud.

Wi-Fi Call Buttons

Our Wi-Fi service call buttons come in different ranges and can be custom printed to suit your business. Get notified when a customer is at reception, re-name your different departments easily and take multiple calls at once. Some of our Dingglies have non-WiFi options, appropriate where Wi-Fi coverage may be an issue.

Customise your call button with your own logos, graphics, legends and calls to action. Choice from standard or bespoke base colours and different materials.

Virtual QR Call Buttons

Virtual QR Call Buttons act in a similar way to our call buttons, and give the ability to have a 2-way phone conversation or a live chat.

Hold a 2-way phone conversation without the sharing of phone numbers, and direct your customers to links to further information such as menus or booking systems.

AIMS calling tablet paging system screen

Calling Software

Dinggly’s calling software solutions send calls via smartphones, tablets or desktops with an extended set of features.

These solutions can facilitate links with online POS systems, for which Dinggly offer a bespoke product perfect for meeting and conference room environments.

AIMS calling tablet paging system screen

Dinggly Pocket & Wrist Pagers

Dinggly Pocket Pagers are wonderfully compact and intuative to use. They are Android based and come preinstalled/locked to the Dinggly app.

Unlike most smartwatches that don’t have built-in Wi-Fi and therefore require tethering to a mobile phone, the Dinggly pagers work as a stand-alone device and offer simple convenience.

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