The meeting room & office call buttons worthy of your enterprise

Dinggly offers the best-in-class solution for tech-savvy offices looking to elevate their service experience – and customer perceptions – to a higher level. Our cloud-based systems allow call buttons to interact with mobile phones, browsers and Android-based pagers. There’s no need for extra hardware common with dated paging systems and range is never an issue. Where there’s WiFi, there’s Dinggly.

Dinggly offer a range of paging options to the office and meeting room sector. You can relax knowing we deal with some of the most prestigious workplaces and venues around the world.

Office & Meeting Room Call Button Solutions

We call them Dingglies. You can have them with standard graphics or to your custom design. All Dingglies are special, but Halo are extra special. All come guaranteed to impress your customers and colleagues!

OneTouch | OneTouch Halo

white branded call button
gpe black call button
Shakespeare Martineau paging system buttons by Dinggly
Press for PIBS customised OneTouch Halo call button

MultiTouch | Multi-Touch Halo

A group of MKS Paging System MultiTouch call button
Laughing Waters call button
smart call buttons

OneTouch | OneTouch Halo

MultiTouch | Multi-Touch Halo

Direct calls to the right people, and escalate when necessary

All Dingglies connect directly to WiFi, eliminating any range issues across large areas or multiple office floors (we have one customer with a 54 storey premises). And because it’s a digital system, calls are routed to phones, browsers and other solutions, so there’s no need to carry a separate wrist pager or other widget (so one less thing to think about on that trip to the water cooler!).

As the names suggest, OneTouch Dingglies make a single call whilst MultiTouch make up to four.

Halo call buttons are extra special. They come mounted in stunning precision-engineered rings in your choice of metals – from marine-grade stainless steel and brass to anodised aluminium in any colour. Finishes include highly-polished to brushed effects.

No duplicated effort. CallGrabTM tells everybody who’s attending.

Call button light turns green when service is on its way.

Voice | Voice Halo

order custom call buttons

Dinggly Voice allows voice memos to be recorded and sent to receiving devices, both as the audio recording and as a text transcript. This means far more specific instruction can be given than with other call buttons, reducing trips and interruptions. Plus you get two ‘standard’ calls. These Dingglies are all customised with your graphics.

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QR Solutions

Everybody has their phone on them in the office, correct? When scanned, Dinggly QR codes transform users phones into virtual call buttons, allowing them to call for service without the need for any app.

Beyond regular requests for attendance, these virtual call buttons offer a rich range of features, including:

  • Adding text messages and photos to calls

  • Initiating a 2-way chat

  • Holding a 2-way phone conversation (without the sharing of phone numbers)

  • Following links to further information or booking systems

Hybrid Solutions

If you want the simplicity of a button, but the functions of a QR solution, you can do both! Dinggly’s hybrid solutions combine our call buttons with integrated QRs, giving your office the best of both worlds.

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