The next generation of super yacht paging system with beautiful, customisable, call buttons.

Call buttons provide a wonderfully elegant solution to offering the best service whilst respecting privacy. Dinggly is a cloud-based system, can work with or without internet and allows calls to be received in multiple ways, including smart devices. Add to that great customer service and a diverse range of highly customisable call buttons and it’s clear why many of the world’s most prestigious vessels have chosen Dinggly.

About Us

Dinggly was established in 2015 in the UK. Our core promise of providing call buttons which connect to WiFi and are received on mobile phones immediately gained traction with the hospitality sector. Demand swiftly expanded to industrial applications, leading to a sustained period of technological development.

We’ve noticed a steady rise in demand from luxury hotels, private homes and, in particular, super yachts. We believe it’s driven by the desire to balance privacy and
service. Demand has led us to create some beautiful, highly customisable call for service buttons (we call them Dingglies) which can sit discretely within any interior.

Our pricing reflects the quality of our buttons but also the economies of scale achieved as a wider business selling to different markets. Today there are hundreds of Dinggly systems sold, shipped and remotely supported around the world.


A Dinggly system can work onboard with and without an internet connection.

Call button notifications can be received on mobile devices via our app, computer browsers Dinggly Pocket Pagers or wrist pagers, or any combination thereof. These have slightly different characteristics when on and on-line which we’ll discuss with you when you get in touch.

Call Buttons

Elite Range

OneTouch Halo

CNC engineered outer rings | Single call | Waterproof | Mounting Plate | 58mm diameter

MultiTouch Halo

CNC engineered outer rings | Up to 4 calls | Waterproof | Mounting Plate | 66mm diameter


Walnut + other hardwoods | Single call | Showerproof | Mounting Plate | 65mm diameter


With or without ring | Send voice messages | Mounting Plate | 60/66mm diameter


We can preconfigure your system to work across your WiFi system, so it’ll work straight-out-the-box. You’ll just need to go to our portal to give our buttons names e.g. Master Bedroom or Sun Deck, and add staff names. It’s a simple process and we’re here to help you if any problems.

We’re proud to produce world-class, boat-worthy call buttons, connected using the latest technology. To find out more, discuss your requirements with us today.