Paging Software

Dinggly’s calling software solutions send calls via tablets, smartphones or desktops with an extended feature set.
These solutions can facilitate links with online POS systems, for which Dinggly offer a bespoke product perfect for meeting and conference room environments.
Discover more on Calling Tablets,  Message Hub and Dinggly POS below.

Calling Tablets

AIMS calling tablet pager system

Flexible interface allowing for multiple call types and customised branding. Users just tap on the relevant calling tile.

Standard paging plus text and voice calling are supported.

Supports simple or fully-fledged food ordering/POS. See Dinggly POS below.

As nothing is permanently printed it’s easily updated over time as requirements change.

Callers can see when a call is accepted and who is attending. Calls received on smart devices or Dinggly wrist pagers (excluding voice).

To find our more about our systems see How it works

Message Hub

Dinggly Message Hub paging system screen

A web-based portal for sending messages to teams via Dinggly receiving devices.

Send text or voice messages to individuals or teams. These can be for action (where tasks are accepted and others advised) or for information only (with readership tracking) .

Full of features, including tracking and task acceptance, it’s typically a great complement to an existing Dinggly system. In some instances it’s the only system required.

To find our more about our systems see How it works


Dinggly POS for meeting rooms screen examples

It can be useful to allow customers to request specific items, not simply a broader request for service. Dinggly’s QR virtual call buttons and calling tablets can integrate with POS systems, provided by either third parties or from Dinggly.

Dinggly Meeting Room POS - coffees

Dinggly’s POS was developed by an award-winning 3rd party with a broader design remit than is usual.

It can work on a very simple level, such as requesting a fresh coffee flask or new flipchart. Or it can allow complex food ordering and requests, such as Taxi ordering.

Items can be free, charged as you go or attributed to a tab and settled later.

If you would like to see how Dinggly POS works as an independent POS System contact our UK sales office for a login