Virtual QR Call Buttons

Dinggly give QR codes the personal touch. They also act exactly like our call buttons, requesting the attention of a human face. You can even have a 2-way phone conversation. They can link to menus and other information, as well as facilitating online ordering from your choice of supplier, including one bespoke to Dinggly.

We’ve elevated the quality of the codes into contemporary tiles and custom printed disks which look great in any environment.

QR call button - citrus
QR call button
  • QR call button
  • QR call button - citrus
CallGrab on wrist pager

When scanned they alert staff that you’d like attention. Just like our call buttons, staff accept calls and can see when a call is in hand.

It’s digital technology, not dated radio transmissions. This allows calls to go to phones, tablets, computer browsers, Dinggly wrist pagers and can integrate with other systems via APIs.

Digital technology icon

They can connect a 2 way phone conversation, without callers using apps or any phone numbers being used.

They can offer links to other services, like online ordering. Dinggly’s online ordering system is provided by an award-winning 3rd party and allows orders for meeting and IT supplies, as well as food and refreshments.

Dinggalytics, our online performance dashboard, gives real time and historic statistics on call volumes, responsiveness and staff activity.


Aluminium disks | With or without hanging hole | 50 or 90mm Diameter

Virtual call button calling disk examples


Precision engineered polycarbonate | White, silver or black stock
bezels | 68mm H x 53mm W


We can create something special for you! QR presentation doesn’t need to be dull

Maybourne Hotel virtual call button QR plaque
Hardwood Virtual WiFi Call Button for meeting rooms


Plus our QR codes can be added to your systems, for example gaming machines