Waiter Call Paging System

Our waiter call paging system is Dinggly’s best selling product, prices starting at only £221. Typically used when the pass and front-of-house are not within line of sight. It sends calls to your existing mobiles and tablets (or a smartTV). As such it’s a perfect solution for venues already using these devices as part of their service, minimising extra hardware and some inevitable loss or breakage.
Thick walls, multiple floors and long distances are no issue, guaranteed. Optimised after years of experiences listening to customer feedback

The Pass calls when they have orders (or larger orders) ready, need the attendance of a manager or need an allergen check approval.

Single call-type buttons are available offering even more simplicity at lower cost.

mini touch call button

Waiter call allow you to receive calls on a mobile device (phones and tablets), a computer browser or smartTV. Note that wrist pagers are not available with this product

Dinggly’s CallGrab alerts the team when somebody accepts a call, avoiding duplicated effort and allows effective supervisor oversight. Long wait alerts are issued for unanswered calls.

mobile phone showing pager system CallGrab
Kitchen to waiter call system

Can be integrated with KDS systems to automatically page teams when orders become ready. Contact us for more information.

Fratelli Trustpilot review for restaurant paging system

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