Dinggly introduces multi-language support

Dinggly are delighted to announce multi-language support for Dinggly voice buttons, virtual buttons (tablets) and Message Hub. The input and output languages can be defined for each device. This means it's possible to speak most western-character languages into a Dinggly calling device and it appears as a text transcript in the recipient's preferred language. Language setting [...]

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How restaurant analytics can turn insight into revenue

It’s no secret that the UK restaurant industry is extremely competitive, and a tough market for even the most experienced of restaurateurs. In recent times, difficult economic conditions stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic have placed additional strain on the industry. Before this, the 2019 ‘casual dining crunch’, which saw the number of restaurants falling [...]

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Five clever uses for call buttons in hotels

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect life in the UK, the hospitality sector has had to think on its feet. Consequently, hoteliers have had to implement many changes to allow them to operate in a COVID-secure way. In fact, the pandemic has accelerated innovation in the hotel industry, as many venues turn to [...]

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Avoiding the over-sanitisation (and complication) of our social experiences

2020 will be remembered for many things. Whilst the growth of ordering and virtual queue apps may not be the most dramatic change we’ve experienced, they’ve no doubt found their raison d’être. They’re a great solution in many situations. But the cultural roots of social drinking and dining run deep. Every move diluting behavioural [...]

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Dinggly launches Room Service tablets, extending ‘ever-present service’ range of products

A multi-lingual interface lies at the heart of Dinggly’s new room service ordering tablets. Setting it apart is a fully translated menu ordering experience, meaning accurate, human-generated text is provided in multiple languages. It brings a new level of usability to room service ordering. Other benefits include: Pager alerts freeing up staff to perform [...]

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Dinggly co-sponsor first IHTF Asia, Hong Kong

Dinggly joined many of the world largest hotel groups and other leading industry suppliers at the inaugural International Hotel Technology Forum Asia, Hong Kong. Aimed specifically to cater for the growing hospitality sector across the region, over the course of 2 days, attendees heard Dinggly and over 20 other presenters tackle the most pressing [...]

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UVB turn to Dinggly to help deliver excellent customer service

Unique Venues Birmingham (UVB) is a huge operation, extending across two iconic city buildings - the modern architectural marvel that is The Library of Birmingham and the 70's brutalist designed Repertory Theatre. Covering 9 floors and thousands of square feet, ensuring event organisers and UVB staff had seamless and efficient communications was essential - and [...]

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Dinggly to show paging system at IHTF Majorca 2018

Dinggly is being shared with the most senior hotel technology executives at the International Hotel Technology Forum in Majorca this May. Dinggly's call for service buttons, kitchen paging and meeting room messaging will all be demonstrated at the show. The leading face- to-face event for the hotel technology industry; IHTF is a mutually effective [...]

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Dinggly makes pager allocation easier with “Roles”

It's a bit of a palava handing 'ordinary' pagers out to staff. Firstly you may need to buy one for every member of staff, or physically log which pager number everybody is given. When it comes to sending a message you'll need to cross-reference those numbers with the people on duty and their relevant [...]

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Smaller, gentle-touch call buttons

Hotels and restaurants invest thousands of pounds on beautiful table-ware and striking interiors. Why compromise the look by putting unsightly call buttons on tables? Introducing our new call buttons. Dinggly's call buttons have always been several steps ahead in terms of quality, form and function. The latest buttons take this to the next level. [...]

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