Overcoming problems is the driver for product innovation. When faced with a 9-floor, brutalist concrete construction public space covering thousands of sqft – requiring 100% pager receiver coverage – we knew we had to think differently and offer a Dinggly VLR solution.

Thanks to recently introduced central hosting technology it is now possible for our smart wrist receivers to connect via a cellular network as well as wifi.

This gives receivers a Very Long Range (VLR). Indeed it is limitless as long as there is a cellular signal. With some systems being hosted in SE Asia, the current distance record is around 7000 miles!

Dinggly VLR has many practical applications. It’s light-touch, so it doesn’t require signal repeaters or boosters which can be problematic in non-secure spaces. It also overcomes the dead-spots associated with many wifi set-ups, especially in older buildings.

Data charges are small thanks to the rapidly expanding IOT (Internet of Things) industry. Supplying SIM cards to connect appliances to the internet is a highly competitive business, and prices are dropping.

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