As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect life in the UK, the hospitality sector has had to think on its feet. Consequently, hoteliers have had to implement many changes to allow them to operate in a COVID-secure way. In fact, the pandemic has accelerated innovation in the hotel industry, as many venues turn to technology to help them keep staff and guests safe.

Wireless call and service buttons, in particular, are proving to be an innovative tool for great customer service during the COVID-19 pandemic. This tech helps facilitate smooth interactions between staff and customers while enabling both parties to comply with social distancing guidelines.

Keep reading for five ways call buttons could be utilised in your hotel.

1. At the reception desk

It’s likely you’ve already made several changes to your hotel reception desk recently, such as introducing hand sanitising stations and COVID-secure screens. However, the addition of a wireless call button will benefit staff and customers through the pandemic and beyond.

During quieter times, a call button allows staff to leave their post at the reception desk in order to complete tasks elsewhere. Should a customer arrive, they simply press the call button, notifying the reception staff. The use of a portable paging system means employees are contactable anywhere in the hotel. Guests won’t be left waiting, there’s no disturbance to other guests, and staff can use their time more efficiently.

2. In-Room Dining collection

IRD call buttons allow guests to easily signal that their room service trolley or tray is ready to be collected. Frequently, guests leave dirty plates on trays or trolleys outside their room for collection. However, this can clutter corridors, which looks untidy and smells. An In-Room Dining collect call button ensures trays and trolleys are collected promptly, which enhances the customer experience.

What’s more, dining collection buttons give hoteliers the opportunity to collect valuable data on which member of staff responded to the collection request, the time the collection request was initiated, and the duration between the collection request and removal.

3. Call for service from anywhere

WiFi-enabled call buttons work anywhere with WiFi* inside or outside a hotel, allowing guests to seek assistance without having to leave the area they’re in. For example, guests may order food and drinks from beside the pool or on the terrace, without needing to enter into high-traffic areas to attract the attention of staff. Consequently, hoteliers can increase the size of their revenue-generating areas by being able to service them efficiently.

As well as facilitating social distancing, wireless call buttons allow guests a greater degree of privacy. They can feel free to relax and unwind, without feeling like a member of staff is hovering behind them.

*Dinggly call buttons can even work in areas beyond WiFi reach, using a special long range transmission mode

4. Order ready messaging

It’s not just guests that need to adhere to social distancing rules, but staff too. An order ready button installed at the bar or kitchen signals to waiting staff that orders are ready to be dispatched to guests. As well as discouraging employees from congregating in high-traffic areas, a call button here also has the potential to reduce customer waiting and improve efficiency. If staff know when an order is ready, they can notifying others when they accept a call and collect it promptly. Further, call buttons allow staff to be visible to guests, front of house, rather than always returning to the kitchen pass.

5. Meeting and conference rooms

Hotels with conferencing and meeting facilities can enhance the experience of their delegates and guests with call button technology, while simultaneously improving staff efficiency. Discreet call buttons located on a meeting room table or throughout a hotel conferencing venue allow hosts and guests to request attention, summon service, or recall waiting staff without having to leave the room. This ensures minimal disturbances to the meeting and eliminates the need for staff to be on constant standby.

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