What is it?

Either a call button or a calling tablet which messages staff when service is required. Calls and messages are sent over WiFi.

Where is it useful?

Meeting rooms and conference facilities.

What are the benefits?

  • Delight delegates with a simple, discrete method for requesting service.
  • In-range wherever you have WiFi
  • Both calling buttons and tablets can be easily renamed and shared across rooms
  • Improve efficiency by ensuring the correct department attend the call. Even receive a text instruction from the room so the call only needs to be attended once
  • Allow delegates to make food and beverage requests, again streamlining your catering service


A single-touch call button

  • Simplicity itself
  • Can be renamed for use in any room
  • Rechargeable with emailed low-battery alerts.
  • Use inside or outside
  • Anti-theft locking plate
  • Button function personalisation, graphics and colours available.


  • Only flags that the room requires service.
  • No other information is provided.

A four-touch call button

  • As per single-touch, but allows for up to 4 different call types to be made.


  • Button function personalisation and graphics charges will apply.

A calling tablet

  • Allows guests to specify the department they require and add a text instruction if desired
  • Can be renamed for use in any meeting room
  • Provides more specific information
  • Directs the right department to the call
  • Receive catering orders and detailed requests
  • Flexible format should needs change over time

How are calls received?

To your existing Android or iOS devices via the Dinggly app and license

To Dinggly wrist pagers (also available with velcro belt loop)

To a fixed tablet or monitor showing all calls.

Integrated into your existing management system (subject to compatibility).

Order Ready Messaging

Call for Service Buttons ( One Touch )

Call for Service Buttons ( MultiTouch )

Meeting Room Messaging

Collect Me Buttons