It’s a bit of a palava handing ‘ordinary’ pagers out to staff. Firstly you may need to buy one for every member of staff, or physically log which pager number everybody is given. When it comes to sending a message you’ll need to cross-reference those numbers with the people on duty and their relevant roles. You might want to call several people. Multiply that by many times a day and it’s a real administrative pain.

You can forget all that with Dinggly’s wifi-enabled Smart-pagers. Each pager is logged-on in the staff member’s name. With our new Roles feature (exclusive to Dinggly PRO), they then just select the role they have that day. They might be the manager, a porter, waiter serving inside, waiter serving outside, or a barmaid. Each of those Roles receives just the relevant alerts to the area(s) they are serving.

At the touch of a button you can send a message to the right group of people.

A unique feature of Dinggly is CallGrabTM. It allows staff to accept a message for themselves, by swiping their finger along the relevant message line on their pager, and thus automatically notifying everybody else that they are dealing with that call. So you can call a whole group of people knowing that they will not all converge on the same calling source – only one person will attend.

Add in text messaging, CallTrackTM and VLR (Very Long Range) capability it becomes very clear why Dinggly is so very different, and so very productive.

Roles is now available to all new and existing customers. Get in touch to find out more.